Who are we?

Welcome to Medicus Trip, your trusted partner in the world of orthopedics and medical tourism services, catering to patients both in Germany and across international borders. As dedicated Medical Tourism Facilitators, we assume a vital role in aiding individuals on their journey to seek medical treatment and procedures abroad. Our core mission is to guarantee that patients receive unwavering care, comprehensive information, and steadfast support throughout their medical odyssey.

At Medicus Trip, Your Wellness is Our Utmost Priority, and we are dedicated to delivering the Finest Health Care and Services to Nourish Your Well-being.

How do we work?

Counseling and Education: We furnish patients with comprehensive information on medical services available in various countries, empowering them to make informed decisions about their healthcare options.
Destination Selection:  Our expertise guides patients in selecting the most suitable destination for their specific medical needs, factoring in cost, care quality, and travel logistics.
Choosing a Medical Provider: We assist patients in selecting the ideal medical center and healthcare professionals to match their unique requirements and preferences.
Appointment Scheduling:  Our team efficiently manages appointments with healthcare providers, ensuring seamless coordination of treatment plans.
Travel Arrangements:  Medicus Trip goes the extra mile to assist in travel logistics, including flight bookings, accommodation, and transportation, leaving no detail overlooked.
Visa and Legal Assistance: We provide invaluable support in acquiring and submitting visa applications, insurance, and other legal prerequisites for medical travel.
Cost Estimates:  Patients can rely on us for accurate cost estimates for medical procedures, encompassing treatment, travel, and accommodation expenses.
Language and Cultural Support:  Bridging language and cultural gaps, we act as intermediaries between patients and healthcare providers to foster clear communication and understanding.
Medical Records and Information: Ensuring seamless transfer of medical records and information between the country of origin and the destination is one of our primary responsibilities.
Post-Operative Care:  Following medical procedures, Medicus Trip schedules post-operative care and follow-up appointments to ensure continued well-being.
Support and Advocacy:  Our team extends emotional and logistical support throughout the medical journey, standing as staunch advocates to address any challenges that may arise.
Quality Assurance: We are deeply committed to ensuring that patients receive uncompromised quality care and promptly addressing any concerns or issues.
Transparency and Informed Consent:  Our dedication to transparency means that we provide patients with clear and comprehensive information about medical procedures, potential risks, and expected outcomes, ensuring informed consent every step of the way.
Ethical and Legal Considerations: We rigorously uphold ethical standards and adhere to relevant laws and regulations, both in the patient’s home country and the destination.

Our Expert Team

Atefeh Zare
Medical Tourism Expert
Dr. Vahid Vahabzade
orthopedic specialist
Dr.Amir Radaee
Orthopedic specialist
100+international patients


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